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Determine your goals and set budget

  • We hold discovery meetings with you to ascertain your goals, what’s important to you, what’s your vision for the business and you personally
  • We then put a three-way forecasting plan in place showing where you want to go and how you’ll get there
  • The three-way forecasting plan details a P&L, Cashflow and Balance Sheet (or net worth) to provide a more robust, insightful and reliable data

Assess current performance against your plan

  • Assess the state of play in the context of our plan: where are we at, what are the opportunities and threats, and what do we need to do to succeed?
  • Conduct trend analysis to identify issues and opportunities
  • Apply the most appropriate benchmarks for your business, industry and objectives
  • Review benchmarks annually to ensure they are appropriate

Review progress with regular meetings and hold you accountable

  • Establish regular review meetings
  • Review performance vs forecast using benchmark and trend analysis incorporating real-time P&L and Balance Sheet data
  • Set targets and budget parameters for next period
  • Determine actions and set accountabilities

Tweak the plan to ensure its meeting your goals

  • Adjusting the plan may be necessary if substantial issues arise in the business which makes the original plan unrealistic
  • If this is required, then the three-way forecast, benchmarks and KPI’s will be revised
  • An opportunity to revise any aspect of the plan

It starts with coffee